TWIN-CITY S 2F 2-14-7
Tamagawa Setagaya-City Tokyo JAPAN
TEL 03-5491- 2912


About Us


商号 株式会社ハルデザイン
従業員数 2017年現在12名
本社住所 〒158-0094 東京都世田谷区玉川2-14-7 ツインシティーS・2F
業務内容 パッケージデザイン・グラフィックデザイン・プロダクトデザイン

新しいマーケットに向けた商品のアイディアからネーミング・ロゴタイプ・容器デザイン設計・パッケージ・ウェッブサイトまで、トータルにご提案いたします。 デザインはその商品の特徴だけでなく、企業の考え方や価値観、理念を表現する大切なメディアです。

代表 田中秀樹

About Us

Corporate profile

Company namehal design INC.
Establishment year1988
Capital fund10 million yen
President and CEOHideki Tanaka
Number of employees 13 as of 2015
Office 2-14-7 Twin city - S, 2nd floor
Tamagawa Setagaya 158-0094, Tokyo
Business Description hal design INC engages in package, graphic, product and
web designing as well as product planning and development

Message from the president

"About Hal design INC"
hal design INC. was founded by several designers who banded together to establish themselves independently from a top design corporation.
We have earned our experience in diverse designing.
Particularly, our reputation in cosmetic and food packaging design has placed us in high demand with numerous high profile clients.
Our recent acquisition of new young talent has placed our staff number at thirteen members now.
The redesign and renewal of our studio has infused our team with an even fresher and more optimistic outlook for the future.
I am confident that we will live up the high expectations of the world's developing demands. We look forward to serving your needs from 2015.

Call us for work

We are ready and able to handle any design related projects. We have an extensive network of reliable professionals whose area of expertise are tangential to design, from masters of calligraphy to GUI designers. This synergy augments our output exponentially to meet virtually any kind of request. In regard to design competition, we are enthusiastic to participate under clear transparent conditions and if it is in line with our vision.

What makes us different from other design-offices?

We always delegate our designers the jobs in which their unique talents can be utilized most effectively. Those who work inside the office are specialized in graphic and product design, planning and web-editorial. When aspects other than design are required, we bring in additional creative minds to complete the visualization of the concept. Since we all work as one, all your needs can be met completely in one stop.

Hideki Tanaka
President and CEO